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research suggests that 32% of adults living with hiv who are prescribed antiretroviral drugs experience reduced drug-related problems, while reductions of 55% for illicit drug use and 59% for risky behaviors were reported in research conducted by the hiv prevention trials network (hptn) 052 trial. these benefits were mediated by improving health and reducing dependence on illegal drugs.

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side effects of the atypical antipsychotic medications include, among others, weight gain, cholesterol elevation, metabolic syndrome and erectile dysfunction. it is essential to identify and address metabolic syndrome or other indications of cardiovascular disease in patients taking antipsychotics, because these conditions will impair the patients ability to tolerate changes in dose, and adverse effects of medications may be ameliorated by reductions in dose.

overdose: morphine is metabolized in the liver. food can prolong the half-life of morphine and thus may be useful in combating overdose. most patients are unable to discontinue opioids (or withdraw from them) even when medically necessary due to psychiatric symptoms, but patients can generally be taught to manage the risk of overdose and withdraw safely under supervision.

in summary, there has been a recent rise in the prescription of stimulants for adhd and the abuse and diversion of these medications have become major health and societal problems. new guidelines have been proposed to help mitigate these behaviors. they include the requirement of clear educational and follow up plans for the patient, the use of track and report methods, and the routine checking of prescription records. these plans can help professionals prevent accidental prescription medication overdoses and misuse and addiction.

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