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Paypal Guide.pdf

Hi how are you? I have been selling on depop and other apps. I started a new paypal account about 2 years ago. It's a personal account. All my sales funds are held. They say it's a company practice. They suggest shipping and addi g tracking and the same suggestions. I would like to know how can my payments be instantly received. I don't have any issues and the 2 closed cases were closed and resolved. I did stop selling for a few months and started again in November. Do you have any suggestions on how to have instant funds on a personal account selling on depop. Am I doing something wrong?

Paypal guide.pdf

It is a nice article about three reasons about paypal business account guide. I agree with all your points that you have stated here, love this blog. Thank you for this article! This is really very informative for us.

I have always approached paypal with a certain doubt in the past. With all the negative press it has, it made me think twice before selecting it for my nonprofit. But also I knew that it was the biggest player out there, I just wanted to make sure and started looking at some articles. Thankfully after not that long of a search, I found this neat guide and it answered most of the questions that I had in mind. I was hearing about paypal business here and there but never got this much info about it. Especially, the account fees section came in clutch. I can confidently tell now that I'm gonna go with paypal business for my organization. Fingers crossed, we'll see how it goes, I have a good feeling that I got it all figured out!

I am using paypal standard. With my service i have to charge back the customer for the merchant fees. (3.2%) Example 37.00 for the service +3.2% = 38.19 is what the customer gets charged on their credit card when they check out on my jotform. But when I get the money from Paypal I'm only getting 36.77 ie 38.19-1.41.. I'm lost to what I need to do to get the 37.00 for my service fee Help Please if can..

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