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Lecher Antenna Manual

Since the first edition in 2013 Carol has extended the training manual and included new protocols and exercises to help you to learn the basic techniques with the antenna and to start balancing yourself, your living space, your family and friends. The NEW 60 page manual includes a short history of the Lecher antenna and comprehensive instructions for its use in the home, and with your family, through protocols, exercises and technical tips.

Lecher Antenna Manual


No other instrument or testing method, whether biochemical, functional, EAV / electrodermal, computerized, biofeedback, or muscle testing can detect as much useful medical information as the Lecher antenna.

Much like a scalpel, stethoscope, and numerous medical instruments, the Lecher antenna may seem to be a fairly simple device. However, in the same was the scalpel and stethoscope may be used for numerous medical applications in the hands of a skilled physician, so can the Lecher instrument. This is due to the ability of the antenna to accurately measure wavelengths generated by electromagnetic signals.

With the Lecher-antenna with its magnetic rod, it is possible to measure the energy strength of different wavelengths/ frequencies, and therefore the energy strength of organs, pathogens or pathologies. When the energy strength deviates from the normal values, we know the organ is out of balance.

When adjusted to the frequency of a certain organ, the Lecher-antenna with its magnetic rod measures the energy-strength of that organ. The extent to which the energy strength deviates from the standard, is indicative for the energy imbalance of this organ. The Lecher-antenna makes it possible to gather a lot of information about organs, tissues, inflammatory processes, emotions, parasites, illnesses and much more, in a short space of time. It localises painful inflammatory foci and blockages accurately.

Because people and animals are increasingly suffering from a geo-pathogenic- as well as an electro-pathogenic-load, the Lecher-antenna course extensively addresses Building Biology and its practical applications. For further information please visit:

A few medically relevant examples:Its use with acupunctureUsing the Lecher-antenna, both blockages in the meridians as well as the amount of energy within the meridian, can be measured. Besides, you can find therapeutic points. The Lecher antenna is one of the few instruments that localises pain points precisely.

Its use with neural therapyNeural therapy aims to find and block interference fields. When measuring the patient with the Lecher-antenna, you gain information that could indicate such interference fields; then it is easy to find these and treat them effectively.

Its use with manual therapiesUsing the Lecher-antenna, pain points and blockages in the spine can be localised and diagnosed accurately. This way it is possible to find the cause of mobility problems and start the right treatment, with or without manual manipulation.

The small Lecher Antenna Manual for Mac plug-in offersbig help for those who want to customize window positionsand gain some room onscreen. This plug-in.Used for 2 years, tata sky dish antenna available for sale The mobile antenna uses one externalantenna and one internal mobile. The Lecher antenna is the main scientific mechanism used forthe qualitative detection of energy field's interactions and the medical instrument used. Karcher2400 Psi Pressure Washer Owners Manual Kyocera Driver Download Lenovo 3000 G530Hardware Maintenance Manual Lecher Antenna Manual.

to purchase: Go to Acmos Shop. with theofficial ACMOS training DVD and acomprehensive booklet containing.En qu consiste una sesin bioenergtica con la Antena Lecher?Tambin he traducido al castellano el Manual de la Antena Lecher, deQuantum Change. ANTENNA INCLUDES WIRE, MASS, DVD &USER MANUAL VERY HIGH QUALITY BENEFITS OF USINGCOSMIC ENERGY LECHER ANTENNA Menu. Shopping cart (0) Conditions Manual ohrb Our provisional basis, for the time being, isresearch, Lecher antenna measurements and the practical. Manual.Operation. Thank you for choosing the Mini-LST from Team Losi Sport.While the Lg Super Slim Tv Manual Lecher Antenna Training Manual.Massages : accupressure, Manual lymphatic drainage Body care Reflexology, facial treatments Bio-energetic healing (Lecher's antenna,magnetism). Lecher antenna manual, Drop the right hand to the side.Carry - arms, gr the musket with the right hand at the small of the stock.ace the left hand under the butt.

the "Lecher Antenna" and is right now in the process of developing atelegnostic the applications of holistic medicine and he is currentlywriting a manual. CAISI BRIDGE MODULE MANUAL. The caisiproject engineers took full advantage of available technologies and bUYLECHER ANTENNA TRAINING MANUAL. KTP400 Basic color PNWinCC (TIA Portal)) as of V11 SP2 Update 2 lecher Antenna UserManual with HSP Basic 4 color This manual contains illustrations. DaleCyndi The Subtle Body Practice Manual Sounds True, Inc USA ISBN978-1-60407-879-4. Emoto M Messages Acmos Lecher Antenna.vibrational tuning.

Lecher Antenna Training! If you want to learn how to use thisinstrument, use this opportunity! If you are interested in this training,kindly apply through. A short introduction about how to use a Lecherantenna, a telling about the harmful telluric's energies, a presentation ofme and lots of links about dowsing. The Demonstrations Manual Circuits Semiconductors And Tubes Transmission Lines and Antennas Take alook at this Leybold note on Lecher Lines.

Building on the findings of Ernst Lecher, the German physicist Reinhard Schneider (1925-2001) designed the Lecher antenna just after the Second World War. He was particularly interested in detecting disruptive or geopathic loads and radiations using the Lecher antenna.

Over the past 30 years, many frequencies have been mapped out with the help of a whole team of veterinarians, doctors, therapists and residential biologists. More than 3500 frequencies of the body and pathogenic loads are now measurable. This allows very detailed research using the Lecher antenna.

The Lecher antenna is an instrument with which subtle radiation and energetic fields can be registered, which are not perceptible to most people. The energy around us can therefore be tested. No occult, supernatural or psychic abilities are required for this. It is well known that tiny electrical currents run across our skin (ECG, EEG) and that magnetic fields disturb sensitive equipment and health is also known.

Although historically you can say that the Lecher antenna is derived from the dowsing rod, as a bioenergetic measuring instrument it has much more possibilities and refinement compared to the traditional dowsing rod.

Illness is a disruption of information. If this disturbance lasts long enough, it will cause physical, visible complaints. These information disturbances can be measured with the Lecher antenna. We will try to explain how this works.

These frequencies, in the form of electromagnetic radiation, can be measured with the Lecher antenna. Over the past 30 years, many frequencies have been mapped with the help of a whole team of veterinarians, therapists and residential biologists.

Just as with guitar playing you have to move your fingers to make music, just holding the Lecher antenna will not cause anything to happen. A voltage difference is required to measure the energy value. To generate this voltage difference, we will have to move the Lecher antenna. This can be compared to the operation of a dynamo.

In other words, the Lecher antenna, with its magnetic poles, when tuned to the correct wavelength of a particular organ, can determine the energy strength of that organ. The degree to which the energy strength deviates from the standard is indicative of the imbalance of the organ.

First, as an illustration, a simple test that you can do yourself with, for example, your car key. Test the distance the key works to unlock the car. If you then repeat this test with the key against your head, you will notice that you can increase the distance a lot. Or if you grab the antenna of a radio or old television, you will have better reception.

This IAOTH, UK Accredited Professional Certification will help you learn to dowse (dowsing) using pendulum, rods, and lecher antenna etc. You will also learn how to dowse even if you have no equipment. Dowsing will help you make not only make predictions about business, career, finances, spiritual growth, love life, love and relationships etc.; but also know more about yourself and your spiritual health.

This Professional Dowsing Course will help you learn to dowse using pendulum, rods, lecher antenna, etc. You will also learn how to dowse even if you have no equipment. Dowsing will help you not only make predictions about business, career, finances, spiritual growth, love life, love and relationships etc,. but also know more about yourself and your spiritual health.

The reciprocity between high power satellite antennas and the surrounding plasma are examined. The relevant plasma states for antenna impedance calculations are presented and plasma models, and hydrodynamic and kinetic theory, are discussed. A theory from which a variation in antenna impedance with regard to the radiated power can be calculated for a frequency range well above the plasma resonance frequency is give. The theory can include photo and secondary emission effects in antenna impedance calculations.

The impedance of an electrically short antenna immersed in a plasma provides an excellent in situ diagnostic tool for electron density and other plasma parameters. By electrically short we mean that the wavelength of the free-space electromagnetic wave that would be excited at the driving frequency is much longer than the physical size of the antenna. Probes using this impedance technique have had a long history with sounding rockets and satellites, stretching back to the early 1960s. This active technique could provide information on composition and temperature of plasmas for comet or planetary missions. Advantages of the impedance probe technique are discussed and two classes of instruments built and flown by SDL-USU for determining electron density (the capacitance and plasma frequency probes) are described.

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