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Ay Papi 16 _VERIFIED_

Index to Books Reviewed Index des ouvrages recenses Ackerman, Alan L., Jr. The Portable Theater: American Literature and the Nineteenth-Century Stage 430 Acquelin, Jose La oil fin it Ia terre 47 Addison, Margaret Diary ofa European Tour, 1900, ed Jean O'Grady 448 Akenson, Donald Harman Surpassing Wonder: The Invention ofthe Bible and the Talmuds 328 Akimoto, Minoji. See Brinton, Laurel J. Alarie, Donald Avec notrefragilite ordinaire 46; Tu crois que a va durer? 16 Allaire, Gratien La francoplwnie canadienne. Portraits 102 Andres, Bernard, et Zila Bernd, s. Ia dir. L'identitaire et /elitteraire dans les Ameriques 97 L'annuaire tlzeiitral 8o Archibald,John Second Language Phonology 305 Arend, Angelika Documents ofProtest and Compassion:The Poetry ofWalter Bauer 495 Astington, John H. English Court Theatre 1558-1642 348 Aude L'homme au complet 18 Avery, Donald The Science ofWar: Canadian Scientists and Allied Military Technology During the Second World War 534 Aziz, Nurjehan, ed Floating the Boarders: New Contexts in Canadian Criticism 479 Babstock, Ken Mean 210 Backhouse, Constance Colour-Coded: A Legal History ofRacism in Canada, 1900- 1950 494 Baehre, Rainer K., ed Outrageous Seas: Shipwreck and Survival in the Waters OffNewfozmdland, 1583-1893 354 Bailey, Gauvin Alexander. See O'Malley, John W. Bailey, Maxine, and Sharon M. Lewis Sista/zs 252 Baillie, Robert Le Survwant: lecture d'une passion 147 Baker, Brenda The Maleness ofGod 179 Baldassarre, Angela The Great Dictators: llzterviews with Filmmakers ofItalian Descent 484 Baldwin, Shauna Singh What the Body Remembers 194 Bamtote Chantfunebre pour wz heros d'Afrique 5 2 Barnes, Christopher Boris Paslemak: A Literary Biography. Volume 2: 1928- 1960 468 Barnes, Mike Aquari11m 179 Barsky, Lesley Marrus From Generation to Ge11eration:A Histo1y of Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital 517 Beale, Alison, and Annette Van Den Bosch, eds Ghosts in the Machine: Women and Cultural Policy in Canada and Australia 489 Beaudet, Marie-Andree, s. Ia dir. Bonheur d'occasion au pluriel. Lectures et approclzes critiques 140 578 INDEX TO BOOKS REVIEWED Beausoleil, Claude Exile 47 Belanger, Paul Peripheries 44 Belle-Isle, Francine Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Le deft de Iaperversion 155 Benn, Carl The Iroquois in the War of 1812 419 Bercuson, David. J. Blood on the Hills: The Canadian Army in the Korean War 556 Bernd, Zila. Voir Andres, Bernard Berthiaume, Pierre, ed Relation des avwtures de Mathieu Sagean, Canadien 89 Bertrand, Claudine Tomber du jour 43 Bevis, Richard The Road to Egdon Heath: The Aesthetics ofthe Great in Nature 378 Sewell, Alan Romanticism and Colonial Disease 409 Billette, Genevieve Crime contre /'humanite 70 Black, Naomi, and Gail Cuthbert Brandt Feminist Politics on the Farm: Rural Catholic Women in Southem Quebec and Southwestern France 473 Black, Stephen A. Eugene O'Neill: Beyond Mouming and Tragedy 466 Blau, Eve The Architecture ofRed Vienna 1919-1934 512 Bleton, Paul (:a se lit comme 1111 roman policier: comprendre Ia lecture serielle 151 Bleton, Paul, s. Ia dir. Amours, aventures et mysteres ou les romans qu'on ne peut pas Iacher 151 Bleton, Paul, et Richard SaintGermain , s. Ia dir. Les hauts et les bas de l'imaginaire westem dans Ia culture mediatique 151 Blouin, Lise Masca, Edith, Clara et /es autres 5 Blum, Martha The Walnut Tree 187 Boisse, Helene Silwce about portant 50 Boisvert, Nathalie L'etedes Martiens 66 Boivin, Aurelien. Voir Louis Frechette et Louis Hernon Bolt, Clarence Does Canada Matter? Liberalism and the Illusion of Sovereignty 413 Book, Rick Necking with Louise 175 Bosher, J.F. The Gaul/ist Attack on Canada, 1967-1997 562 . Boterbloem, Kees Life and Death under Stalin:Kalinin Province, 1945- 1953 545 Bouchard, Gerard La nation quebecoise au futur et au passe 93 Bouchard, Gerard, et Michel Lacombe Dialogue sur les pays mufs 93 Bouchard, Marc The Tale ofTeeka, trans Linda Gaboriau 261 Bouchard, Michel Marc Les papi/lons de Ia nuit 71 Bouraoui, Hedi Ainsi parle Ia Tour CN 12 Bourneuf, Roland Venir en ce lieu. Essai 126 Boyd, David, and Imre Salusinszky, eds Rereadi11g Fnje: The Published and Unpublished Works 501 Boyd, George Consecreated Ground 251 Brand, Dionne At the Full and Change ofthe Moon 192 Brennan, Kit Magpie, Having, Hunger Striki11g 254 Breton, Yves Les clwsseurs e continents. La VerendnJe et fils...

ay papi 16

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