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Vintage Porn - Black And White Silent Film - De...

A Free Ride, also known as A Grass Sandwich,[1] is a stag film of the silent era, considered the earliest extant American hardcore pornographic movie. It depicts a motorist who picks up two women from the roadside and later engages in several sex acts with them. Although most scholars consider A Free Ride a 1915 film, some sources claim that it was produced later. The film's director used a pseudonym and the cast remained anonymous. The filming location is not known, although it may have been produced in New Jersey. Two contradictory theories have emerged regarding the identities of the cast: some sources suggest they were people with low social status, but others assert the opposite. The Kinsey Institute has a print of the film in its collection. A Free Ride was screened at the inauguration of the Museum of Sex. In 2004, Lisa Oppenheim, a New York-based artist, remade the film.

Vintage Porn - Black and White Silent Film - De...


British author Dave Thompson, in his book Black and White and Blue: Adult Cinema from the Victorian Age to the VCR, notes that D. W. Griffith is credited by one source as director on A Free Ride. But this claim is rejected by film historian Kevin Brownlow and author Thompson himself.[3] The identities of the cast are not disclosed in the credits (the title card says "starring the Jazz Girls"). Thompson asserts that the cast do not resemble identifiable contemporary silent film stars. He claims the crew strove to make the cast unidentifiable, noting that the actor wears a large fake mustache and a hat. When the actor's mustache became detached before the end of the film, he hid his face until the mustache was reattached.[3] Thompson notes that some historical accounts, which he describes as "casual histories", have suggested that the cast of early pornographic films were drawn from among people with low social status such as the homeless, drug addicts, the mentally ill, prostitutes, and petty criminals. Thompson argues that there is almost no documentary evidence for this claim, and suggests that the actors likely had higher social status.[4]

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  • Advertising American Pickers did a commercial entirely in 8-bit NES style. Considering the premise of the show, it's quite fitting. Interestingly, the music seems to use the extra channels of the Konami VRC6 chip with Sunsoft's trademark DPCM bass.

  • Commercials for Dr. Pepper 10 include a mountain man character shot with blurry film stock and outdated music meant to evoke the old Grizzly Adams television show and similar nature-themed shows of the era.

  • Mountain Dew (a citrus-flavored soda) once did a faux-50s commercial, which included the corny pun-based catchphrase "It's Dew-riffic!" and a authentic-sounding jingle that could have been written about Dew at the time (the drink did exist in the '50s, and it had a "hillbilly moonshine" theme). Plus, the Totally Radical teenagers from the "modern" commercials appear in black and white, dressed in bow ties, suspenders, and pocket protectors and shouting "Neato!"

  • Progressive Insurance's "After School Special" commercial has footage and distorted sound as if it was made in the 1970s, plus a retro effect on the company's logo.

  • A commercial for Stella Artois purports to be footage of the 1964 World Trade Fair. It's got a film grain aesthetic, jazzy Sixties music, period costumes, and as an added bonus, they invoke TONS of early-Sixties Zeerust.

  • This Brazilian Volkswagen New Beetle commercial features reactions of people in The '70s to the 2013 model.

  • Old Spice had an ad for a fake Rad Talkin' Wolfthorn toy that deliberately looks like Filmation-esque Limited Animation from The '80s.

  • A series of Snickers ads in DC Comics featured Batman stories in the style of the Golden Age, Batman (1966) and Batman: The Animated Series.

  • To promote Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix made a recap of the preceding games Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the style of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Final Fantasy games.

  • Fan Works Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series: In episode 35, a Clip Show, Yami asks Kaiba if he remembers the time the two of them first met, which is shown as 'a time when the video quality wasn't very good, and the audio was all muffled and scratchy'. Clips from the first episode are used in black and white, with a fake moustache and monicle painted onto Kaiba, and a 'silent movie' motif with old-style dialogue printed on the screen and an upbeat piano theme. This is lampshaded by Kaiba moments later when he says he doesn't remember growing a moustache.Kaiba: Your brash nature offends me, Mr. Moto! I shall soon put an end to your impertinence! Yami: You have assembled several creatures! Surely this is a violation? Kaiba: My affluence makes a nonsense of the regulations!

  • In Episode 56, Noah Kaiba traps the cast in their memories of the first episode. Once the characters realize what's happening and start speaking original dialog, LittleKuriboh keeps mimicking the awkward line delivery, lack of lip-sync and muffled audio from the early episodes (all of which is lampshaded).

  • Rocketship Voyager retells the early episodes of Star Trek: Voyager in the style of a 50s pulp science-fiction story, complete with ethnic slurs and sexism, retro rockets, Failed Future Forecasts and Everybody Smokes.

  • This twitter account takes various Garfield strips and redraws them as Jon strips, complete with maintaning the differences between the more mainstream comics (such as Odie being named Spot and Liz working as a waitress in Irma's diner).


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