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Freddie Mercury Lyrics All Songs

"The notebook was used by Freddie for writing his own songs, as well as noting down the words to songs written or co-written by guitarist Brian May. The lyrics, such as for Too Much Love Will Kill You, and The Show Must Go On, are both beautiful and sad, as on reflection, we know Mercury was battling HIV at the time. This knowledge makes the words all the more poignant."

Freddie Mercury Lyrics All Songs

I believe you are correct Freddie was talking about basically coming out of the closet about homosexuality in those days it was not excepted like it is today. I believe he came to terms with his life that he faught so hard to keep hidden . I loved freddie mercury and his music will live forever.

(While Sinatra performed many swing and love songs, Mercury's songs are manly and motivational due to their rock nature. Some of their lyrics also talk about victory, such as "We Are the Champions.")

Narrator: And perhaps beyond all the notes, lyrics and performances, what truly makes "Bohemian Rhapsody" great is that it embodies what every musical piece should be: the talent and the drive to push boundaries and create something that brings us together, even 40 years later. In a time where pop songs just all generally sound the same, maybe that's why we still can't stop listening to "Bohemian Rhapsody." With just this one song, Freddie Mercury and Queen became something that very few artists managed to achieve: a legend.

I enjoyed reading your comments. It was something lately when I heard the song on the radio, I just stopped and listened. This song has so much emotion it almost makes you cry. The voice and musicianship is perfect!! This is defiantly one of my favorite songs. I want to see the movie again too. Thank you for breaking down the possible meaning, along with breaking down the meaning after the lyrics. ???? 041b061a72

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