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Mach3 2010 Screenset: How to Upgrade Your CNC Machine Interface

Thanks for the question. I will put up some more information about how the edge finder is used. I know of several user who are using the 2010 screenset successfully with the Triple Edge Finder. I will ask if one of them will post something. In the meantime, perhaps I could answer any questions you have directly Here is a video about using tapered bits.. Also here is one with the general use..

Mach3 2010 Screenset

Download Zip:

Because MACH3 is an obsolete version and because I could not find the assistive device on the software, I am making the software so it will activate the assistive device as soon as you touch the screen to make the feature more visible. I am also using the MACH4 software so you can move in 3D with the part. You can turn on the assistive device as you progress or to see how things look. You can also turn off assistive device if you want to test the screen without it.

Mach3 the software is not compatible with the assistive device, and can't detect the assistive device when it is in the program menu. so you either use the assistive device program or you don't use it. The program still works fine without the assistive device. you just can't see the probe. if you go into the assistive device, you can install the device and run the mach4.exe file.

Well, I can understand that Machsupport was the push to make Machscreen, yes I have the dev version, and can run it. I am just not that far along with mach3 that I would say I am qualified to give you more than that. I know how to use both, just dont know how they work together. My projects are likely on projects they dont support. I may find time to look into it if I get around to a project for mach3. Also, this is the first of any I have seen on the web, I think I have about 3 or 4 others in my pst collection and nothing so far. Maybe you should consider talking to them and getting some help with some projects.

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