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[S3E17] Protest Too Much

During this battle, Qui-Gon met his untimely and Seriously Universe-Impacting End, Obi-Wan got put on Anakin Duty, and Maul, sliced clear in half, fell into an abyss as required by Star Wars Law. And that was the end of that! Darth Sidious recruited a new #2, first in the form of Count Dooku, and then in Anakin, and we all moved on with our lives as much as anyone in this fandom can ever truly move on.

[S3E17] Protest Too Much

Before we can even think about the competition in Jersey, we have to perfect The Last Text for the big performance on The View. Thus far, Asia still has the gig. Melissa protests, but Abby tells her that Mackenzie is rusty from her foot injury, so just hush and let the maestro work. Privately, she tells us that she knows Melissa is a big fibber and an opportunist and someone has to hold her accountable, so it may as well be her.

Breakfast gets interrupted by the commotion of a spacecraft landing right in the middle of town. To the protests of Herk they land anyway, it's not really like anyone can do much about it. Disembarking it becomes clear they don't have any hostile intentions and familiar faces exit. M and Leon and some unknown other mercenaries. Gathering a crowd councilman Ima clears up the confusion. They're here to provide security for a race, this time it's going to extend past the canyon and into the sand dunes of the desert. Packing up and moving out gear they're placing outposts in the desert. In the ruckus a car arrives leaving the gate open and Sten rushes to close it, not wanting another raider surprise attack. Watching the ship leave from the gate, Sten tells Skully he's in awe of the thing but can't help himself but think of scrapping it. Taking it apart peace by peace for all the valuable materials that could help the town. Skully asks him if he could make one and Sten protests how complicated that would be, being in no way close to the skills of a spacecraft engineer. Taking a ship for a trip to orbit and look down at the planet though, that would be an amazing experience. Not having been off-world since being small child it's a quickly fading memory. More practical, Skully doesn't seem to grasp it but agrees nonetheless.

Asking Fee-Bee if she would tag along and show Sten where to find Nitrolium in the salt flats, Reeza tags along. On their way out they spot the parked Astral ship outside the gates. Fee-Bee makes a quick inspection and notices lack in maintenance since she got stationed in the wasteland and tells she will file a complaint later. Ima catches them and at first worries they were messing with the ship without permission but has his worries calmed and asks Reeza to check the Earth shrine for them. After telling her about communicating with the Rock elementals via dancing, he gets to demonstrate it. Taking a detour to check the shrine, it doesn't look like much but Sten still has respect for the magical elements of nature. A tiny rock elemental appears to them and doing the little dance, it responds in kind. Stellar catches up as they leave the shrine explaining they just dug up McCuldger from the shrine. They took him during the night and bricked him in for days. A strange punishment for breaking the shrine before. Searching for Nitrolium, Fee-Bee shows 5 different locations, which she usually gathers in a circuit.South by the sand falls, from the sand falls to the canyon racetrack, one in the center of the flats and then two by to the north bend of the racetrack.

The two approach Grand Admiral Thrawn's office, and the stormtrooper on guard demands they submit their code cylinders for verification. Lyste protests this, on the grounds that he is a lieutenant and therefore an officer. Unmoved, the sentry simply repeats his demand, and Kallus explains that Thrawn is known for being thorough as he hands over his code cylinder. Reluctantly, Lyste hands his over, and the sentry allows them to proceed inside Thrawn's office after verifying the cylinders.

The rebels flee on their shuttle just as Colonel Yularen and his stormtrooper reinforcements blast their way into the hangar. Kallus grabs Lyste and denounces him as the rebel spy and orders the Stormtroopers to seize Lyste. Yularen orders the stormtroopers to take Lyste away. Lyste protests his innocence and claims that Pryce is the Rebel spy, asking Kallus to vouch for him. Kallus remains impassive, as he intended to do this all along.

While reviewing the tape later on, Cory notices that Eddie has a stolen laptop computer in one of the shots. He wants to use that story to enter in the competition, but Shawn is opposed to the idea, ruining the tape and handing it to Cory. The next day at school, things aren't any better. Demanding an apology, Cory picks a fight with Shawn, thinking that he's jealous of Cory's talent. After serving detention for the fight, Cory heads straight to the trailer park despite Shawn's protests.

At the trailer park, Cory is getting great video. Unfortunately, he makes too much noise and Eddie catches him. Eddie destroys the camera and his about to beat up Cory when Shawn intervenes. Shawn tells Eddie to back off, revealing that he and Eddie are half-brothers. After Eddie leaves, Cory is astounded that Shawn has a brother. Shawn says it doesn't matter, because Cory is really his family. 041b061a72

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