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all of the servers will be integrated in the same zone, if you wish to create a specific game server. you can add a port mapping to the server if you like and change the ip of the network interface. a good thing that is new in this version is that for ipv6 support, you can avoid the multiple ips that are proposed by the other versions. the ipv6 configuration is very easy because all the configuration is already made in this version of the server. for example you can create a proxy for the entire ipv6 network or for a single interface. and of course if you need to change anything, you can do it using the gui of the admin tools. in the version 1.8, there is also support for iptables for ipv6 networks, too.

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creating an enemy wasn't too much to have a really different effect. it is usable in a multiplayer game, a single-player game, an offline game, but it also can be used in an offline game in single player mode, or in multiplayer games (using a local network). there is also a system of making an online proxy which allows you to modify the game client to work without the internet.

if the encryption is not the same as above, it means that at some point, someone has modified the keys themselves, making them difficult to decrypt. you can find a website containing detailed information on the server in the corresponding category:

if you do not want to use the client packet data, you can modify the empty file to completely block or allow all kinds of commands. this way, you will not need to install a third-party application (such as ublock origin) to protect your machine. or, you can remove the bot entirely.

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