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[S6E23] The Understanding

Domestic violence shapes the lives, and often the deaths, of millions of women who are abused by the men close to them. According to the Los Angeles Domestic Violence Council, the Los Angeles Police Department alone investigated 42,698 domestic violence incidents and made 7,858 felony arrests in 1993. The FBI has reported that domestic violence accounts for 30% of the homicides in which women are the victims. As many as 35% of all emergency-room visits by women are related to abuse. And yet, in one sweeping verdict on the Arnold case, the urgency for understanding domestic violence is dismissed.

[S6E23] The Understanding

Modern understanding of quantum mechanics suggests that an eternal Cosmic Observer may in fact exist. If true, this holds numerous positive ramifications for arguments concerning the existence of God. Before we investigate the data, we must first ask what is meant by an eternal Cosmic Observer. A conscious observer is a living being that observes another entity. For instance, I am currently staring at the words being typed onto my computer screen. I am a living, conscious being that is observing the documentation of this piece. Spectators watching a sporting event are conscious observers of the events taking place in the stadium.

But what exactly is consciousness? That is the million-dollar question. However, the best understanding of consciousness is that it is an awareness accompanied by volition, emotion, thought, and mind. Some claim that consciousness emerges from the brain.[10] Yet how could it be that the human consciousness is dependent on the brain when reality is dependent on the conscious mind? Rather than consciousness stemming from the physical world, it must be independent of the body while certainly connected to it. 041b061a72

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