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How To Use CableGuys ShaperBox 2.0.0 To Enhance Your Mixes ##TOP##

CableGuys ShaperBox 2.0.0: A Must-Have Plugin for Creative Sound Design

Do you want to add some spice and variety to your sounds and mixes? Do you want to create rhythmic effects, modulate parameters, and sculpt your audio with ease and precision? If so, you might want to check out CableGuys ShaperBox 2.0.0, a plugin bundle that contains nine powerful and versatile effects that can transform your audio in countless ways.

How to Use CableGuys ShaperBox 2.0.0 to Enhance Your Mixes


In this article, we will explore some of the features and benefits of ShaperBox 2.0.0, and how you can use it to unleash your creativity and enhance your productions.

What is ShaperBox 2.0.0?

ShaperBox 2.0.0 is the latest version of CableGuys' flagship effects plugin, which was released in November 2020. It is a free update for existing ShaperBox 2 users, and it adds some new features and improvements that make it even more powerful and user-friendly.

ShaperBox 2.0.0 consists of nine Shaper effects: FilterShaper Core 2, TimeShaper 2, VolumeShaper 6, CrushShaper, PanShaper 3, WidthShaper 2, HalfTime, DriveShaper, and LiquidShaper. Each Shaper has its own interface and controls, but they all share a common waveform editor where you can draw or edit LFO shapes that modulate the effect parameters.

You can use each Shaper as a standalone plugin, or you can load up to six Shapers in one instance of ShaperBox 2.0.0 and arrange them in any order you like. You can also apply different Shapers to different frequency bands using the multiband split feature, which gives you more control and flexibility over your sound.

What can you do with ShaperBox 2.0.0?

ShaperBox 2.0.0 is a plugin that can help you create a wide range of effects and sounds, from subtle enhancements to drastic transformations. Here are some examples of what you can do with ShaperBox 2.0.0:

  • Chop, glitch, stutter, warp: You can use TimeShaper 2 to manipulate the timing and pitch of your audio in creative ways. You can create glitchy stutters, reverse effects, tape stops, pitch shifts, scratches, loops, and more.

  • Sidechain, gate, pump: You can use VolumeShaper 6 to control the dynamics of your audio with precise envelopes and curves. You can create sidechain compression effects, rhythmic gates, volume pumps, tremolos, ducking effects, and more.

Filter, sweep, morph: You can use FilterShaper Core 2 to apply various filter types and shapes to your audio. You can create filter sweeps, resonant peaks, morphing effects, vowel sounds, phasers, flangers

  • Crush, distort, bitcrush: You can use CrushShaper to apply various types of distortion and bitcrushing effects to your audio. You can create crunchy, lo-fi, digital, or analog sounds with different waveshaping modes and curves.

  • Pan, widen, rotate: You can use PanShaper 3 to control the stereo position and width of your audio with smooth or sharp curves. You can create panning effects, stereo widening, auto-panning, rotation effects, and more.

  • Width, expand, collapse: You can use WidthShaper 2 to control the stereo width and balance of your audio with flexible curves. You can create width effects, mid/side processing, stereo collapse, mono compatibility, and more.

  • Slow down, half-speed: You can use HalfTime to create instant half-speed effects on your audio. You can create slow-motion effects, trap beats, ambient textures, and more.

  • Drive, saturate, boost: You can use DriveShaper to apply various types of saturation and distortion effects to your audio. You can create warm, punchy, gritty, or distorted sounds with different drive modes and curves.

  • Liquidize, smear, stretch: You can use LiquidShaper to create smooth and organic time-stretching effects on your audio. You can create liquid effects, pitch-shifting, smearing, stretching, and more.

How to use ShaperBox 2.0.0?

Using ShaperBox 2.0.0 is easy and intuitive. You can simply load a Shaper effect as a plugin on your track or bus, and start drawing or editing LFO shapes on the waveform editor. You can also browse through the presets library to find the sound you want.

You can adjust the effect parameters using the knobs and sliders on each Shaper interface. You can also use the multiband split feature to apply different Shapers or settings to different frequency bands. You can solo or mute each band using the buttons on the bottom of the interface.

You can also sync the LFO speed to your host tempo using the BPM button or set it manually using the Hz button. You can also change the LFO shape resolution using the Snap button or set it freely using the Free button. You can also change the LFO shape direction using the Flip button or reverse it using the Rev button.

You can also load up to six Shapers in one instance of ShaperBox 2.0.0 and arrange them in any order you like using the drag-and-drop feature. You can also copy and paste LFO shapes between different Shapers using the Copy and Paste buttons.

You can also use external sidechain input or audio triggering to modulate the effect parameters using the Sidechain button or Trigger button. You can also use envelope followers or compressors to make the effect react to the input level using the Env/Comp button.


ShaperBox 2.0.0 is a plugin bundle that offers a lot of possibilities for creative sound design and mixing. It contains nine Shaper effects that can be used individually or in combination to manipulate your audio in various ways. It is easy to use and has a lot of features and improvements that make it even more powerful and user-friendly.

If you are looking for a plugin that can help you create rhythmic effects, sculpt your sound, and add movement and energy to your mixes, you might want to give ShaperBox 2.0.0 a try. You can download a free demo from CableGuys' website and see for yourself what it can do for your music. 04f6b60f66


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