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Putrescent whole egg solids is a biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action and has value in providing a pest management solution. Based on the current use pattern of putrescent whole eggs solids, dietary exposure is not anticipated. The potential risks to human health (occupational, residential, and bystander) and environment are considered acceptable when products containing putrescent whole egg solids are used according to the proposed label directions. Proposed label amendments include standard personal protective equipment requirements for workers, restricted entry into treated areas until sprays have dried, a standard drift statement, waterproof gloves for domestic class products, a warning statement to protect aquatic habitats on all product labels, and additional label updates to clarify use sites and use instructions.



Carcasses of domestic and wild animals and decomposition of other fleshy organic matter present unique debris issues, especially after floods. Precautions should be taken in the removal and disposal of putrescent debris in order to address potential environmental and health issues.

First, you have to make your animal repellent. What repels chipmunks, exactly? Well, two things are proven to thwart nuisance animal activity, including chipmunks. These two ingredients are capsaicin (oil or ground cayenne pepper) and putrescent egg. If you add these two ingredients to your homemade animal repellent, you will be more successful at diverting their activity away from your property. You can find both of these items at any local home improvement store, garden store, or online retailer.

The items you will need to make your non-toxic animal repellent for chipmunks is a clean, plastic spray bottle and a funnel. You will also need clean water. You can use rainwater or creek water if you like. Start by adding water to your bottle. Then add your capsaicin and putrescent egg. Aim for 10 to 20 drops of capsaicin and 1 cup of putrescent egg solids. If you did not find putrescent egg for sale, you can make your own.

After you have combined your ingredients into your spray bottle, you are ready for application. Be sure to keep children and pets away from any areas of your property that you treat with this solution. Although the putrescent egg is not much of a threat, capsaicin can irritate and burn the eyes, nose, and throat.

Observing an ancient, time-honored custom, the students not only voted but also fought for possession of the polls. The Baldwin supporters having gained a strategic position by the voting booths were attacked with 60,000 putrescent eggs, countless heads of codfish, and soft rotten fruit. Malodorous and hideous became the normally pleasant sward of the University.

If a polyp obstructs the nostrils and blunts the sense of smell, and if neither aqua fortis nor mercurial powder nor vitriol serves to remove it, it must be cut out with the knife: but complete removal is not assured if an ulcer develops, for this may become malignant. But touch the residue with lead ointment, nightshade, rose-water: and if the nasal stench is due to venereal disease, remedy with guaiac powder, hesperidium and honey. A stinking ulcer at the entrance to the nostrils causes ozaena and is due to venereal disease, cured as follows. If the humour is frankly devouring, growing apace and putrescent, take the sharp, sweet, austere juices of the pomegranate, mixed together, and rub into the affected part frequently: but if the flesh be soft and an ulcer forming, powdered dried roses should be used. And it is quite helpful for chronic coryza to make pastilles of myrrh, varnish and benzoin, mastic, incense, roses or soft resin containing turpentine, so that the nostrils may exhale the vapour from the live coals above. However, before touching this affection locally, it may be necessary to purge the body of its impure humours: and when it is the brain that is occupied by the cause of the disorder, this must be cleansed by frequent draughts and pills to secure that the peccant bile or corrupt humour is downwardly dispatched.

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