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Bastard Girls

Bastard's girlsBiographical informationSpeciesDogsPersonal informationAllegianceRamsay Bolton (formerly)Behind the scenes informationSeriesGame of ThronesSeason(s)4, 5, 6Appeared in6 episodes (see below)First seen in"The Lion and the Rose"Last seen in"Battle of the Bastards"

Bastard Girls

The bastard's girls is the name of the pack of dogs bred by Ramsay Snow at the Dreadfort to serve as hunting dogs, trackers, and, on occasion, executioners. The pack is made up solely of bitches, as per their nickname. Myranda, a servant of House Bolton, and later Ramsay's bedwarmer and lover, was the daughter of the Dreadfort's kennelmaster. Ramsay would later remark of how she had stunk of dog.

Following the Surrender of Moat Cailin, Ramsay gives Theon a "promotion": instead of being taken back to the dungeons of Dreadfort, Ramsay announces that Theon will become a dog. The kennelmaster Ben Bones makes a collar for Theon, and he is allowed to sleep with the bastard's girls. Theon befriends the dogs and finds their company much better than in the dungeons.

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