PG Accommodations with Safety and Affordability

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Two of the most important factors to keep in mind while opting for a PG in Bangalore are safety and affordability. Finding PG accommodations in Bangalore with safety and affordability is a task in itself. PGs that are located in good, secure areas are expensive and unaffordable. To find accommodations that are affordable yet safe, opting for NestAway is a good choice. NestAway allows you to book verified PGs and houses in Bangalore at low costs.

While selecting PGs that look good to you, visit the area and have a talk with the owner and your would-be roommates or flatmates. You’re probably going to live at the PG on a long-term basis, and it goes unsaid that you need to get along with the people that surround you. Before narrowing down a PG, it is necessary that you have a look at the neighbourhood. Confirm whether important features- such as shops, supermarkets, hospitals, and restaurants- are available in the vicinity; you don’t want to walk two kilometres at a stretch in search of a good restaurant!

Ideally, your PG should be close to your college or workplace, so that you don’t spend too much time on the commute. If you find that the prices of these PGs are too high, you can consider staying at a PG that is farther away, if there are smooth public-transport options to and fro your workplace. It is also important to find suitable travel options around your PG, so ensure that there is a nearby bus stop or a metro station near the accommodation. Before signing papers, communication should be clear at both ends. Most PGs or 1BHKs in Bangalore do not allow people of the opposite sex to visit the PG after dusk, and impose strict curfews, to ensure safety. Any doubts regarding the rules and regulations of the PG should be clarified with the owner prior to moving in. While safety and affordability are important, one cannot compromise on other practical issues that crop up in several PGs. You need to ensure that the living area is clean, hygienic, and well-furnished. A constant supply of water and electricity are a problem in several areas of the city, so it is necessary that you check for these issues and be prepared before moving in.

After having chosen a PG accommodation in Bangalore, discuss the rent/PG fees with the owner, and if you have the opportunity, negotiate. The rent shouldn’t be too high, and if it is, make sure that the PG is worth it and that you don’t spend extra on the commute or food. Several PGs charge a high deposit rate, so it is recommended that you discuss with the owner, and ensure that the deposit is entirely refundable. Once you find the PG that meets all your requirements, you’re all set to go! Until then, happy house hunting!

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