3 Tips for Helping the Kids Redesign/Improve Their Own Bedroom


Why should you let kids plan for and design their own room? Well, apart from ensuring that all your hard work in refurbishing a room isn’t met with disappointment, getting the kids involved is a fine way to teach them about personal responsibility. Furthermore, as an adult, you don’t really have a full understanding of what children want, so why not just ask them? If you’re serious about providing your child with a space that they can truly call their own, then they should be directly involved in the project.

They Can Pick the Theme You Can Set the Boundaries

It all starts with the theme. Does your kid love pirates, princesses, fairies, or knights and castles? What amount of existing cash and resources are you able to work with to make this theme happen? Are you looking at a full refurbishment or just want to add some improvements to the room? The answers to these questions will determine the overall theme as well as the boundaries of your bedroom renovation project.

Sit down and discuss with your kids what they want their room to look like and talk to them about what’s possible and what’s not. This is a good time not just to find out what they want but also to manage expectations.

The Simplest Changes Can Make Big Impacts

Let them pick whatever color they want for the walls. This is the part when you can let them go crazy; it’s just paint, after all. You could even turn it into a fun weekend for the kids: order some pizza as a reward for the entire family after a weekend of hard work. Changing the colors of the walls is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to revamp a bedroom’s look and feel.

You can even add wall decals to the mix. Giant sticker wall decals provide awesome details with minimal effort and allow you to make clever use of existing wall space. Additionally, whatever theme your kid has in mind, there are commercially available wall decals that can make it happen.

Another simple but impactful change you can do is simply changing the lights in the kids’ bedroom. Switch to a yellow light for a warmer feeling. Hang Christmas lights for a more magical atmosphere. Multi-colored lights are a great choice for kids obsessed with colors. Even the simplest changes can totally shift a bedroom’s entire look and feel.

Kids Love Clever and Quirky Space Solutions

Ask your kids what they want, but also, come up with a couple awesomely clever suggestions yourself. With a bit of DIY and buckets of imagination, you can come up with a number of clever uses for existing bedroom space and household resources.

Use the metal frame on an old spring mattress to set the room up with a vertical garden; fill it with relaxing plants like jasmine and make the kids ensure that the plants are well-taken care of (bonus parenting points for teaching responsibility). If there’s enough space in the bedroom, maybe you can hook them up with a hammock or even a swinging chair where they can read and relax. Paint over that old corkboard you’ve been keeping in the garage and let them use it as a bulletin board.

You don’t need to spend a lot of cash to refurbish your kids’ bedroom: not if you’re armed with imagination and at least an afternoon of free time on the weekend.

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