White or Colored Vinyl Windows? Make a Decision

Home Improvment

Home renovation is one of the most time consuming and important projects that need homeowners to pay extra attention on every step. Whether it’s about changing the appearance or increasing performance, it’s crucial to be certain about the material and quality of windows as this approach would ensure satisfactory results throughout the year.


As a professional window replacement contractor, Direct Pro suggests homeowners to prefer vinyl over other materials because it looks modern, sophistication and clean on the property. People can customize it as per their requirements but, they have to analyze which color would go best with exterior as well as interior. Here, the thing to remember is that not all companies offer the same range of colors- some would have more shades than others. It is, therefore, necessary to carefully analyze options and rest assured that the installed version of vinyl windows would make home’s appearance elegant and appealing.

Blend Interior and Exterior With Colored Vinyl Windows

When it comes to adding colored vinyl windows, homeowners should pay equal attention to interior and exterior. Contractors usually emphasize over exterior but, homeowners should also show concern for interior that needs to have complementing jambs and casings. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers have colored items due to which, it is ideal to go for wooden jambs and casings because people can paint them in whatever color/shade they want.

As far as installation is concerned, Direct Pro suggests to prefer full-frame method that involves removal of windows along with their parts or complementary items.

More Considerations

  • Since vinyl windows have to match home’s color theme, manufacturers usually need a bit more time because the process needs a lot of care and time to produce high quality components.
  • Although their manufacturing takes more time than usual, colored vinyl windows are provided with shorter coverage than traditional components i.e. they have 20-25 years of warranty while colored windows can work efficiently for around 10 to 15 years.
  • Colored vinyl windows are prone to sun exposure, meaning that darker colors can absorb sunlight and disturb inside temperature. The windows may easily rot or warp as well, causing energy loss and reduction in performance.
  • Homeowners should have to keep in mind that they cannot get all the benefits of white vinyl windows into colored components because every color has its own properties that create differences among them. Colored vinyl components have regular crank handles while white vinyl windows have fold-down crank.

Last but not the least, the search might not turn out to be effective until people are concerned about quality and functionality of the windows. Direct Pro advises to consult with their representatives for satisfactory and long lasting performance.

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